Preventative Maintenance

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Preventative Maintenance Of Electrical Works

Electrical preventative maintenance keeps your property safe, secure and properly regulated.
For residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Reasons to Perform Preventative Maintenance for Your Home and Business

A primary reason to have preventative electrical maintenance performed is to avoid the occurrence of faults or shorts that could cause a fire. Powerful currents through poor connections and excessive electrical loads can lead to disruptions including fire damage.
We can help detect improper connections, faulty fittings and ensure the appropriate distribution of power is managed.

Our maintenance teams work to identify areas of corrosion, the accumulation of dust surrounding power components and any noise or connection problems that would indicate an imbalance in your electrical connections.

As a professional and specialised electrical business, we check power lights, distribution boards and emergency features. It is important that emergency lights are in the correct operational order alerting you of faults efficiently.
For the business, our technicians perform maintenance services to minimise downtime and costly disruptions to your production processes. We put measures in place to help organisations maintain its productivity and profitability.

Our experts will identify old fittings or outdated lights that could consume large amounts of electricity. We suggest energy efficient lighting and electrical features to help you save on power consumption. Our goal is to introduce the latest technologies helping to create an energy efficient home or business.

Licensed and Knowledgeable Electricians to Maintain Property Safety

Every step is taken by licensed and knowledgeable electricians to maintain property safety. The purpose of these maintenance services is to ensure that your home or your business remain energy efficiency and avoid any disasters associated with electrical faults. During the winter when power consumption increases, these inspections become imperative.

Contact ENE Services today, book your preventative maintenance and have peace of mind your electrical needs are met.

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