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ENE Services is your local trusted electrician specialising in high-end residential and commercial projects.


Strata Electricians in Australia

Strata electricians in Australia, can assist with any type of electrical fault that occurs in your property. For both modern and older homes,
we provide strata and real estate electrical solutions for the safe and efficient operation of the residence.

Our strata services include:
Maintenance and inspections of all electrical works, Lighting checks, Smart home automation, Surveillance and
CCTV, Emergency Lights, Home Alarms, Smoke Alarms and more.

We Deliver Our Very Best Standards of Service

ENE Services offers specialised strata electricians who provide emergency electrical services, diagnostic techniques, schedules services and general maintenance.
When you need new installations of electrical components and features, we deliver our very best standards of service to ensure that every job is performed safely and effectively.

For all strata and energy audits, ENE Services offers valuable and affordable solutions. The benefit of having an energy audit is determining where and how you can save on your electrical bills. Our knowledgeable strata electricians will deliver specialised technique and incredible expertise in every repair, install and energy efficient recommendation.

Strata/Real Estate Electrical Services We Provide:

Energy Efficient Lighting

ENE Services is aware of the most energy efficient and advanced lighting products in the industry. Based on an assessment of your property, we determine which types of lights are suitable while delivering energy efficiency.
All fittings and lighting installations are completed according to Australian safety regulations.

We offer emergency electrical services to address safety concerns and pressing problems. From networks and finding general electrical faults to addressing problematic lights, our specialists can handle it all. Electricians are available round the clock to address your strata needs.

Complete energy audits and safety checks are performed. Our maintenance services include an inspection of smoke detectors, alarms and emergency features to prevent disruptions. Attendance of switch boards from replacement to repairs.

Strata electricians at ENE Services can address your electricity requirements with efficiency and care. We can issue inspection certifications and advise on energy efficient operations. Contact us today for professional solutions you can trust.

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