ENE Services offer a range of trusted EV charging stations, including chargers from Tesla, Ocular and Schneider Electric.

We are able to supply and install electric vehicle charging units to suit both residential and commercial spaces, with stations suitable for single or dual-car charging.

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Ensuring you have the capacity to charge your EV efficiently is one of the many considerations when investing in an electric vehicle. Having a charging station installed in your home is a simple process that ensures you'll never have to worry about finding a place to plug in.

Home EV chargers are often faster, more convenient and cheaper to use than public charging stations. Topping up your charge at home can also improve your cars lifespan by helping you avoid battery degradation from low charges. Home EV charger installation can even positively impact your property's value.

ENE Services can provide charging stations suitable for all residences, including single homes, multi-dwelling units and strata properties.


Providing electric vehicle charging stations can help making the decision to switch to an EV easier for your employees and customers. We can supply and install EV charging units that are suitable for your business, whether you're looking to allow your employees and customers to plug in personal vehicles, or looking to power a fleet of company EVs.

ENE Services currently offer charging units from Tesla, Ocular and Schneider, with options available for single or dual car charging on both single and three phase power supply.


The Southern Highlands' best choice for professional EV CHARGER INSTALLATION

When you book with ENE Services, our experienced and professional electricians will take the time to ensure the EV charging station you want is compatible with your power supply.

We use only high-quality components from market leaders to ensure the longevity of both your charging station and your EV. Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing that all our work is supported by our 12 month warranty.


While the upfront costs of EV ownership can be greater than traditional petrol vehicles, across their lifespan they are significantly cheaper to run. Charging at home provides the most efficient and reliable way to recharge your electric vehicle, and by taking advantage of smart EV chargers and off-peak electricity times, you can keep your recharging costs to a minimum.

Which charging unit best suits your home or business depends on the model of your electric vehicle and power supply. Some electric vehicle charging stations, such as Tesla, only support charging of particular EV models. Single phase and three phase electrical systems also support different kilowatt capacity charging stations.

To find out which option is right for you, simply give us a call! Our team will be able to provide you with suitable options for your home or business and have you ready to plug in in no time.


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