Switch Boards

Switch Boards for the Install ENE switch board requirements .

Calling on professional electricians for your switch boards ensures the safe and effective operation of power supply.
At ENE Services, we check for the following problems concerning your switch board:
• Burning smells
• Electrical faults at the switch board
• Switch boards failing to work
• Identifying problems
• Installing new switch boards

Switch Boards

It is important to note that a fault at the switch board can cause serious problems. If you notice any burning smells coming from the switch board call our emergency electricians immediately!

Your switch board is the electrical heart of your home or business. When problems become apparent, it can cause disruptions in power supply and unsafe conditions. Switch boards are installed in offices, large corporations, homes and apartments.

ENE Services will examine the wiring through the switchboard ensuring that all functions are properly connected and safely operational. With every electrical component connected to the switch board, the potential for disaster when it is not maintained or incorrectly repaired, becomes high. When your switch board poses a serious risk or does not operate the way it should, it is time to call on the professionals.

Our electricians take your switch board requirements seriously. We inspect every switch and each connection to ensure it is operating the way it should.

How We Evaluate Your Switch Board

ENE Services will send only the most experienced and professional electricians to your home and business. Our testing procedure will include the use of specialized equipment to identify possible faults.

Our assessment includes a look at the circuit breakers. The circuit breaker is an important safety component. If you are experiencing problems with the switch board it could result from a faulty circuit breaker.

For new and older homes requiring the install or replacement of a switch board, we can perform the replacements and re-wire the entire home.

Call on Us to Maintain, Repair and Install All Residential and Commercial Switch Boards


Based on our inspection of switch boards, we can determine whether a quick fix or more complex fixture is needed to restore safe operation. If you suspect problems with the switch board, do not attempt to repair the board yourself. It could result in exposure to high voltages and unsafe power disruptions! Call on ENE Services and we will provide a comprehensive and affordable quotation to ensure your switch board operates the way it should.


Our professional and licensed electricians will provide a service guarantee on repairs, maintenance and the replacement of all switch boards.

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Call on our professional electrical services round the clock! Specialized electricians at ENE services can prevent the costly and disruptive problems that electrical faults can cause your business.

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