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Bringing Power and Precision to your projects Southern Highlands Level 2 Electrician

We are a locally owned and operated Southern Highlands electrician offering Level 2 electrical services. Accredited in disconnection and reconnection services, as well as underground and overhead services, ENE Services can carry out your Level 2 electrical requirements safely and efficiently.

  • Disconnects / Reconnects
  • Single phase and three phase work including three-phase upgrades
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • New underground work
  • Overhead mains work
  • Underground cable connections including service lines
  • Relocating service lines
  • Temporary power supply
  • Consumer mains upgrades
  • Replacing service protection devices
  • Repair and replacement of low voltage wiring
  • Safety inspections

Accredited Level 2 Service Provider

Level 2 electricians are specialist electricians that are trained and accredited to work on property connections to the grid. This includes both connection and disconnection of residential and commercial premises. Level 2 electrical work involves a high level of risk and so it is important to ensure that you are working with an accredited Level 2 electrician.

Our Level 2 electricians are fully accredited in:

  • Class 2A Disconnect & Reconnect
  • Class 2C Work on overhead service conductors, and
  • Class 2B work on underground service conductors


At ENE Services we understand the importance of safety when it comes to all our electrical projects, including Level 2 work. We are fully insured and fully qualified Level 2 electricians and are accredited to work on Endeavour’s network, meaning we are able to perform connections and disconnections across the Southern Highlands and Wollongong/Illawarra areas. There are significant risks when working with on Endeavour and Ausgrid networks, and so it is of utmost importance that the Level 2 electrician you choose is fully trained and qualified in conducting Level 2 work. 

ENE Services Level 2 Work

Our Level 2 contractors are professional, knowledgeable and fully equipped to ensure that all works are completed to the highest standards. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, we strive to complete all our Level 2 electrical work in a safe and timely manner to keep your project on target and running smoothly.

Level 2 electricians are often required for projects such as renovations, demolitions and new builds, as these types of projects can require disconnection from the grid to make sure work can be completed safely. If you are unsure if you need a Level 2 electrician for your project, just give us a call. We can help you find the best solution for your project.


Level 2 Electrician The best choice for Level 2 Services

Whether it’s a connection or disconnection, switchboard upgrades, consumer mains upgrades, three-phase work or underground or overhead work, you can be confident in working with our accredited Level 2 electricians. ENE Services will ensure that the work is carried out safely and effectively for your peace of mind. 

As licensed Level 2 electricians experienced in commercial and residential electrical work across the Southern Highlands, Illawarra and Sydney, let our expertise support your next project.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging in the Southern Highlands

ENE Services now offer Thermal Imaging across the Southern Highlands and Illawarra. Our accredited thermographers are able to assist you inspect and maintain your electrical systems to help you prevent potential safety hazards and critical downtime.


Thermal imaging can help you save time and money by avoiding costly electrical problems and minimising your insurance premiums.

Thermal Imaging Electrical Inspections

Thermal imaging, or infrared imaging, is the capture and processing of images (known as thermograms) that show heat emitted as infrared light. This infrared light is imperceptible to the human eye, however with specialty infrared cameras - or thermal imaging cameras - we are able to see this light. When a thermogram is captured by an infrared camera, we can then use the image to identify potential problem areas within electrical systems such as switchboards. 

Electrical problems are usually unexpected and can be costly and dangerous. By using thermal imaging to identify electrical components which emit excess heat, we can help identify potential faults that may otherwise be left undetected. These undetected faults can become hazardous and eventually lead to significant disruptions or damage to your electrical systems.

ENE Services are able to offer professional thermal imaging services across the Southern Highlands and Illawarra for both residential and commercial clients. 

Switchboard Thermal Imaging

In electrical contracting and electrical maintenance, thermal imaging is used to scan and assess electrical installations and components. This allows us to assess the condition of the inspected equipment, and diagnose potential problems. ENE Services are qualified infrared thermographers and are able to help ensure your home or business is electrically safe. Applications of thermal imaging include:

  • Switchboard assessments
  • Assessing component integrity
  • Diagnosing potential faults or irregularities in electrical systems and components
  • Preventing overloads and burnouts, as well as potential fires
  • Identifying loose terminals and undersized cables
  • Ensuring your electrical system is operating efficiently and safely

Insurance and Thermal Imaging

Often insurance companies require yearly thermal imaging of switchboards. Completing annual thermal imaging scans can help ensure systems are operating effectively and minimise the risk of potential faults and hazards by detecting issues early. After completing thermal imaging of your switchboard, ENE Services provides a comprehensive thermal imaging report that shares details of any potential issues identified and rates their severity. This report is able to be shared with your insurer as evidence of thermal inspection, which can help reduce your insurance premium, and can help you to ensure any potential problems are rectified early.

The best choice for Thermal Imaging Services

Taking care of your electrical system is of utmost importance. Preventative maintenance to avoid electrical problems is typically far quicker and cheaper than fixing a problem after it’s happened. Residential, commercial and industrial buildings alike can benefit from regular electrical safety checks, and thermal imaging can be used to gain an even better insight into the safety of your system. At ENE Services, our accredited thermographers can use thermal imaging to help you identify potential electrical issues and fix them early.

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